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Yorkshire’s Best Bengal Cat Breeders

We will have Kittens available April 2024

We are Hobbyist bengal cat breeders and have two litters a year for sale. We also sometimes Foster unwanted pet cats when it is neccessary. Our bengal kittens for sale are amazingly cute 7 you’ll find our past customers are always commenting positively when giving feedback!

If you want to find out more about this type of pet cat then head on over to some of our information pages. You find lots of information there.

We only produce the very best bloodlines. This is a testament to the unique patterns and Colours that come out of our litters.

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Useful Information About The Bengal Cat

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  • We are based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

  • Have been Breeding Bengal Cats for over 15 years and are truly dedicated to this Breed.

  • You will be hard-pressed to find better Bengal Cats from this type of environment on classified sites.

  • Non Profit & any excess funds are re-invested into our pet care plans. We always ensure our babies go to good homes.

The Different Colours

The Silver Types

one of our silver bengal kittens

But the silver Bengal cat’s striking coat colour and unique features take things to a new level, we think so anyway!

This Bengal cat shines because it has a silver base coat with black or brown spots or sometimes even a marbling pattern. It came about when a silver American Shorthair cat and a Bengal cat were bred together in the early 1990s. The above cat is a perfect example of such charming traits.

Our Charcoal Bengals

Silver Bengal Kitten

They come in many different colours, but the charcoal Bengal cat stands out because of its beautiful and unusual dusty coat. The hair is smooth, silky and dark and the coat can be anywhere from a very light grey to a very dark coal with cream/dark orange base undertones, Amazing!

Our Snow Bengal Cats

Our cat Daisy

They are known to be one of the most exotic and unique breeds in the feline world, and the snow takes this to a whole new level. These stunning animals have a striking appearance, thanks to their rare and distinctive fur colour and leopard-like markings. When combined we think they are amazing!

Within Easy Reach

We are based in the center of the UK, some people call this part of the UK ‘Gods Country’ that’s because it is in Yorkshire and has amazing rolling hills and moorlands if you look in the right places!

We provide a very personal approach to our Breeding Program which in turn provides some amazing pets. If you are just too far away to travel to us to look at our cats then you have an option to arrange your own pet courier if that’s better. This happens quite a lot and we have grown a steady fan base from all around the UK! See our Google reviews which show this.

Outdoor pet space attached to an house

Free To Roam Outside

You will find that they are brought up in a free open environment and have access to all areas of our household, and also benefit from several outdoor cat enclosures.

Amazing household pets

Plus, we only breed these types, so this is where our specialty starts with these majestic creatures! We even mix our very own raw cat food to ensure they get the best start in life!


Their Personality

Bengal cats are Very Friendly; they get along with others, including humans fine. There is One provision to this, Socialisation from birth is so IMPORTANT. If you find this missing, then avoid the breeder and buy elsewhere. You will find that they are quite loud when they want to be, especially when compared to other types. They are most vocal when they are hungry, bored or upset with something.

Are they good pets

They are smart, lively, and loving, making them great household pets for people who want animals that will keep them entertained. Even though they may need more care and play time than regular house cats, they are worth it because of their unique personalities and wild features. This breed is a great choice for people who love cats and want an unusual pet.

Where we are Located 

Dalton Magna, Dalton, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S65 3ST

Service Areas:

Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, Hull, North Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, West Midlands, Ayslebury, Hertford, Essex, London, Oxford, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Nottinghamshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Oxford, Berkshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Chester, Shrewsbury, Wales, Manchester, Lancashire.

a silver bengal boy

Fully Registered

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Our Official Tica bengal cat breeders Membership Certificate 2022

Buying From Trinity Lodge

When you visit us you will instantly realise that you are buying something exceptional. As Cute Face of a cartoon catmentioned above, we treat all ours with a serious amount of respect and love. Becuase of this you’ll find they become extremely affectionate animals.

Neutering must happen within six months of taking your cat home. After this, you would then get the official pedigree slip. If failure to neuter your cat within six months, then a pedigree slip will NOT be provided to you and you will lose the benefits of being able to register your new pet.l if you have an agenda to breed from our pets

Our Bengal Cat Price

We have various colours of Brown, Silver, charcoal and White Bengals on offer from time to time. White Bengal Cat Prices seem to be higher than the Brown ones and are in more demand.

£700 to £1800 is the average Bengal Cat Price you would most probably pay on the internet. Kittens For Sale from us start at £750 this depends on colours and patterns, the average price is £850.

Ours carry the unique glitter gene, which means that their coats sparkle in certain lights.

You can find us in Rotherham, Yorkshire, the UK, and we are close to the M1 and A1 should you decide to take a trip out to see the cats and us. I’m sure they would love to see you too!

Our Bengal Cats

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Hobbyist Bengal Cat Breeders

We have invested lots of hard work, love, and passion into our family pet cats. Our household is hectic, and this only enhances their socialisation skills.

It benefits you immensely when you take your Kitten away to its new home. When one is available, they will come to you fully litter-trained and scratch-post-trained.

We are a breeder who understands this type of cat inside out which ensures you have a seamless, hassle-free experience.

You can expect them to spring into action when they arrive at your home, regardless of what’s going on.

Our Practice For The Welfare Of Cats

Our Promise To You

At Trinity Lodge Bengals, we take pride in being a responsible Bengal kitten breeder, prioritizing the well-being of our cats and the satisfaction of our buyers. With a firm commitment to excellence, we strive to maintain the highest standards in all our practices.

Ethical & Caring

As responsible breeders, we adhere to ethical guidelines only. Our male and females are selected based on their genetic health and temperaments. By emphasizing the health and well-being, we ensure ours are the best colours and are well-socialised kittens. Our environment is meticulously maintained, providing optimal nutrition, regular veterinary care, and ample socialization opportunities for them all.


We stand behind the health of our Bengal kittens by ensuring our kittens are free from genetic health issues and congenital defects. This assures our buyers that they are taking home a healthy pet cat.

Aftersales Care

We provide our buyers with detailed care instructions to ensure the well-being of their newly purchased Bengal kitten.

Our instructions cover all aspects of care, including nutrition, grooming, exercise, and socialization. We offer guidance on feeding schedules, appropriate diets, litter box and training.


We follow stringent vaccination protocols to protect our mini leopard cats from the most infectious diseases.

Our buyers get vaccination history documentation when they collect their kitten.

DID YOU KNOW: There are currently two genetic conditions that everyone should be aware of which if identified and dealt with can prevent future hereditary Health Problems.

One is PK-Def, which causes anaemia, and the other is PRA, which can causes blindness in these cats.

The Best Options For Neutering Your Cat

You may be able to get financial assistance to Neuter Your Cat. The average cost of neutering in the UK typically ranges between £50-£100, with an additional £20-£30 for microchipping. However, through this exclusive scheme, you can have your cat neutered and microchipped for Just £10.

Eligibility Criteria

If any of the following criteria apply to you, you can take advantage of this amazing offer:

  • Receipt of any means-tested benefits, such as universal credit, income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, pension credit, income-based ESA, income-based JSA, working tax credits, and child tax credits.
  • Household annual income of less than £25,000 before tax.
  • Full-time student living away from home.

Booking a Neutering Appointment

To book a neutering appointment, get in touch with any participating vet directly, ensuring you inform them about your eligibility for the £10 neutering scheme based on one or more of the above criteria.

What have you got to lose, go and take a look!

cat neutering for free in the uk